Australia is also expected to fall behind next year’s season opener

Albert Park racetrack has hosted F1 Field countless times since its inception in 1996. But the outbreak of the pandemic prevented the fight last year, and it was recently revealed that the field will not visit the continent again this year.

Although race organizers would like the racing circus to return to them, government sports minister Martin Bakula said it was unlikely that a new era of Formula One would begin with them.

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“It is unlikely that we will be the first race next year, but frankly it will benefit us,” Bakula quoted the Australian as saying. News agency. For this reason, the season will likely start in Bahrain next year as well, as it did this year.

Daniel Ricciardo, the only Australian driver in the field, said of the cancellation this year that he was very sorry about the developments and that he had not been home in over a year and that was why he was homesick.

By the way, Albert Park in Melbourne will wait for the field with a rolling line, at which it will finally be possible to organize the race again. Turn groups 9 and 10 have been removed to create a much longer floor gas section, and the profile of many of the turns has been changed in hopes of better overtaking opportunities.

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