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Australia has an unusual cold behind it
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Australia has an unusual cold behind it

Meteorological summer has arrived, and we’re leaving a wet May behind, as we couldn’t complain about the temperatures, even experiencing spring weather now and then.

However, the month of May is not warm everywhere, for Australia, May is one of the months that heralds the arrival of the cold. According to forecasts from the Australian Meteorological Organization, May is expected to be warmer than usual. Well, they were wrong.

May 2023 was a period of unusual cooling for the islands of the continent, which is not shown better by the fact that more than 100 stations in the country indicated unusual resolutions during the month, which is unusual, to put it mildly.

In Sydney’s history, the average May temperature has never been this low in 53 years, which is now around 15°C, and the average low has dropped to 10°C. Almost everywhere in the big cities you can experience a drop in average temperatures, but in rural areas it was more noticeable. In cities, the difference was 1-2°C, resulting in a 5-10°C difference compared to the average in rural areas.

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Main image: GFS-Tropical Tidbits

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