Australia, Canada and Britain will join the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics

According to a report by the Olympics website, the three countries decided to do so for similar reasons to the Americans.

The United States has declared a political boycott for crimes against genocide, humanity and other human rights violations in Xinjiang Uyghur Province, China.

Boris Johnson The British Prime Minister added: Do not support the athlete’s boycott of matches.

The Canadian Olympic Committee said in a statement: They are worried about the problems in ChinaWe understand that the Olympic Games have always been given a prominent role in raising awareness in the world. The organization also stressed that boycotting an athlete, on the other hand, would only harm the competitors and not affect substantive changes.

He also confirmed the start of Australian athletes Scott Morrison Prime Minister, welcomed his announcement of the Olympic organization in the country.

Australia is a great sporting country, and sports and other political issues must be chosen separately. These are problems between two governments

He said.

Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand, Grant Robertson He said his country had already told China in October that for political reasons, no government officials would travel to the Pentathlon Games in February or the Paralympics in March.

Thomas BachThe head of the International Olympic Committee said earlier that his organization is not a super government and that the Olympic Games and the participation of athletes transcends politics. Bach emphasized it The IOC will continue to take a politically neutral position and will respect the decisions of governments.

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