AUKUS: Non-proliferation is in danger

The United States, Britain and Australia signed a new security agreement (AUKUS) on September 16, under which, in addition to cooperation between national security and intelligence services, the latest defense technologies will be provided to each other – especially nuclear-powered submarines. With this scandal broke out: the French failed to buy Australian submarines, which in the last hours transatlantic crisis mutated. Brussels is already questioning the need to create a previously planned bilateral trade and technology council with the United States.

Australia lit the fuse, and gunpowder kegs became the region

The French Foreign Minister canceled the meeting of the US-French-British-German Foreign Minister scheduled to be held yesterday on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. A positive development, however, is that Joe Biden Emmanuel Macron phone conversation As a result, the French ambassador returned to Washington.

Undisputed latent danger

There is an aspect of the AUKUS security agreement that has not received much attention so far.

It is the impact of the treaty on the so-called Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) (Non-Proliferation TreatyNon-Proliferation Treaty).

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stressed that the holding of the American University of Kosovo would be in full compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. But the consequences of the new security policy agreement could far exceed the original intentions and expectations, affecting the already shaky NPT system.

China’s own road

It is no coincidence that the opening decision of the Chinese Party newspaper a week ago pointed outIt is incredible when Washington claims that Australian nuclear-powered submarines (SSNs) will not be equipped with nuclear missiles. From the beginning, SSNs were developed to measure strategic strike.

Australia should be prepared for the worst if it tries to get bogged down in the Taiwan or South China Sea dispute – the message came from Beijing – because Chinese missiles will destroy Australian military targets.

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