AUKUS case: Macron and Biden settled over the phone

French-American diplomatic tensions appear to have been eased. The AUKUS defense agreement, and especially the expiring submarine contract, ensured security in Paris.

After head of state Emmanuel Macron spoke with the US president on the phone, the office of the French presidency said; France’s ambassador to Washington will take up his post again next week.

The press carried a photo of Joe Biden smiling, indicating that the anger of the French had subsided. Rather, the two leaders issued a joint statement after reconciling them.

During the phone call, the president acknowledged, the statement said, that a more in-depth dialogue could have been had prior to the announcement. A White House spokesperson said this was an important message for the cause.

The French prime minister responded with some sarcasm to French anger over the agreement between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

“I think it is time for our best friends around the world to ‘swallow the frog’ in this regard,” said Boris Johnson (the English often refer to the French as ‘frogs’ or frogs – ed.).

Parallel to the announcement of the AUKUS partnership, Australia terminated its $56 billion contract with France for the production of diesel and electric submarines. Instead, he buys nuclear submarines from Washington.

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