Augie Zappados and his partner broke up: the guy’s new love is a famous athlete – a Hungarian star

Aggi Szabadosformer RTL news reporter, morning anchor and partner, Bielski Pence They broke up, but that only came to light now.

The new spouses of the former communications director of the Hungarian Tennis Federation are famous sportswomen, one of the best Hungarian women’s tennis players, Anna Bondar.

Ogie Zappados breakup

Ági Szabados and the man also known as model, photographer, bodybuilder and social media manager have been a couple since 2019, and they made their first appearance together at the JOY Social Media Award in June of that year. At the beginning of October last year, the RTL presenter won one of the #képsvagyok awards presented by InStyle magazine for the first time, and appeared at the award ceremony with Bence Peleskey. It is not known exactly when they divorced.

Bence Belsky and Anna Bondar have been a couple for half a year. Last December, the man accompanied the tennis player to training camp in Tenerife as a counselor, and in January this year it became clear to both of them that there was more to their relationship than a working relationship, he writes. eyelash.

– I can talk about Anna in superlatives, not only when it comes to tennis. He’s a great fighter on the court, and I think he still has a lot of good matches and results. On behalf of the team behind her, I can say that based on her skills, Anna should be a top 50 player again. We know it takes time and energy, but we have a lot of motivation,” Bielski, who also became a sports nutrition consultant, said of his love.

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Wherever he can, he accompanies Anna Bondar, for whom he also takes pictures. They recently posted their first photo together, which was taken at a training camp in Tenerife. According to Bence Belsky, there really was chemistry between them.

Loving a professional tennis player is a challenge. They are hardly home, traveling the world, and sometimes literally living out of a suitcase for several weeks. Anyway, not only am I responsible for my darling’s meals, but I also take pictures of her and actively participate in managing her social media pages.

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