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Attila Rević told why Kruscsics was sacked in the third round and who will take over Kisvárda

Attila Rević told why Kruscsics was sacked in the third round and who will take over Kisvárda

It was not the results that led Kisvárda, part of the OTP Bank League, to part ways with its head coach, Milos Kruscsics, who had already reached the third round. The club’s sporting director, Attila Rević, revealed his need for a head coach who would put the club’s interests first. The Serbian specialist was not like that and he already knew during the preparation period that he was not the right person to manage the team. He will be replaced by Máté Gerliczki from NB III.

Shortly after the official announcement, the first man at Kesvarda, who drew 0-0 against MTK on Friday, spoke to Kossuth Rádio about the reasons for the dismissal, revealing that the decision was not made suddenly: “There was a history of this.”

He explained this in more detail, although he did not reveal the specific reason for the divorce:

“Everything did not go the way we wanted. Now we believe that a different personality should be with the team. We need a coach who is more receptive to the club’s expectations, and who puts the club’s interests first, not his own.”

Rević added that even before the start of the season, there were serious doubts about whether Krušić, who was appointed in April, was the right person to continue managing the team.

“We gave them another chance, but during the preparation period we made sure that we could no longer work together. These three league matches showed that we work according to different principles. The expectations are different, and what we see now is different.”

(Photo: MTI/Zsolt Czeglédi)

Revis stated: “We had no problem with efficiency, because we didn’t have high expectations. Here we talked about goals, they had specific guidelines, and we had to work like that.”

“Kesvarda has values, serious players. Not twelve people are involved in the work, but twenty, all the same. Players who do not play are equally valuable for the team and the club and we do not want to lose anyone. And that risk is now here.”

“Many of our former dominant footballers are not as valuable now for various reasons as they were before, and we cannot allow their value to decline,” he explained.

“Our club was known for its fighting and passionate spirit, which has completely disappeared recently. We have to bring this trend back, and for this we need a coach with a different personality.”

He revealed the management and preparation of the team Matty Gerlitsky, will be taken over by the coach of the NB III team. Revesh said he knows the players inside out, including those who should have already been in the team, and knows the club’s thinking and potential.

Matej Gierliczki (Photo:

“I hope he will be accepted for the professional license exam soon, and from then on he will officially be a head coach, and until then I will help him.” he added.

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