Attila Dimko: The West makes an unrealistic ideological world politics

The educational method, the mass of double standards, which we have been witnessing constantly since 1990, has brought its results.

“Russia and China are very bad places, much worse than even the most awakened Western countries, because they hunt and destroy people in the West, freedom of speech is violated, but opponents do not fall out of the window, they are not poisoned, etc.

The problem is that the western line of the current, indeed in the past thirty years, only exacerbates and favors the situation, especially the rise of China. The Western world has undermined itself with blind confidence.

Yes, the West is making an unrealistic ideological world policy, and it can definitely do something about losing Russia, isolating India, several African countries or the Gulf states. Most of South America is in the west, including Brazil.

The pedagogical method, the mass of double standards, which has been constantly witnessed in Hungary since 1990 (at least for those who look at the world with right-wing eyes), has brought its results. Most of the world, even the majority, do not like the West, and there are more people who support Putin in the Third World than in Ukraine and the West.

You should take out a big mirror and face up »with performancewhich has been trapped in arrogance and ideology since 1990. It will be necessary to completely rethink Western politics.

Editorial photo: Dávid Mátrai/Mandiner



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