Attila Biru: However, this cannot be taken for granted

Attila Biru: However, this cannot be taken for granted

Argentina’s aggressiveness after the eighth final was underlined by members of the Hungarian women’s water polo team, as well as the Fed captain, who is expecting brutal physical water polo from the Australians in the quarter-finals on Tuesday.

Attila Biru: We have reached the goal

“I think we achieved our goal. On the one hand, we were able to play another match in front of our fans, and that was not possible, so we had to stand strong in some situations.” – He indicated in the assessment of the federal captain that although there is a big difference between the two teams (23-6), the Argentine team did not give up easily in the eighth final on Sunday.

The judge added, confident that the girls will win “They have internalized more self-confidence, which will pay off in a couple of days.”when they clash with Australia in the semi-finals, the sure-fire medal match.

“They are actually playing brutal physical water polo, you have to tie that particular underwear to it. To be able to withstand this very dangerous physical duel that lies ahead.” He was looking forward to the quarter-finals on Tuesday.

The rankings of the players after the Hungarian and Argentine Women’s World Cup finals

“We’re smiling like that now, but they’ve fallen for us so hard, so I’m glad no one was hurt.” Zsuzsanna Máté confirmed what the federal captain had said.

The Hungarian team will not be unfamiliar with the Australian squad, the two companies have been formed together in Veszprém for a week before the World Cup, which will of course make things easier, according to Matti, “Not only did they see in the videos what they were doing, they also tried it on their skin”.

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Camago Farago also emphasized the toughness and aggressiveness of Argentina, but appreciated the match, because thanks to his three goals, he really gained some self-confidence, as Attila Peru had hoped.

Vályi Vanda, who also finished the match with three strokes, said that he would have signed such a first stage in the tournament beforehand, and already in the group match against Canada. “They were like the team that came here with great goals”.

As for the Australians, it can’t be said that they don’t know each other, considering “They’ve been blowing on vesperm for a week.”.

“Literally. I say this because the Australians are playing a very tough and physically strong match. We will have to compete with the movement and there is a chance to win.” he added.

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Budapest, June 24, 2022, Federal captain Attila Peru at the Women’s Water Polo World Championships during the break for the Hungary-Canada Group A match at the Alfred Hajos National Sports Pool on Margaret Island on June 24, 2022. MTI/Hard Cosmetic Bag

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