Attention wise and customer wise revolution! A local bank is introducing new fees for cash withdrawals

Submitted fees 1200 HUF regardless of the amount withdrawnThis amount must be paid even when cash withdrawals are free with current subscription packages. It is worth noting that HUF 75,000, Premium packages, HUF 150,000 and HUF 300,000 metal can be withdrawn for free every 30 days using Revolut Standard and Plus packages.

the bank controller It is reported that banks and financial service providers that operate ATMs often charge fees for foreign cards. Erste ATMs warn the customer of the variable fee before the transaction is finally approved, so the cash withdrawal can still be interrupted at that time.

From now on, another restriction has been introduced: a limit has been set on the amount that can be withdrawn from cards issued abroad. Revolut and Wise customers from now on They can withdraw a maximum of 150,000 HUF per day. Bankmonitor warns that the restriction does not apply to a single ATM, but to all Erste machines. This is nothing new among banks, although there are cash withdrawal limits of different amounts for private cards and cards issued abroad as well.

Hungarian account holders are less affected by the introduction of Erste’s Dynamic Currency Exchange service for cards issued abroad. This was invented when someone withdraws HUF from an account in a different currency and wants the bank operating the ATM or service provider to make the conversion at the exchange rate indicated during the transaction. With Revolut and Wise cards, the majority of Hungarian users withdraw forints from HUF accounts, so there is usually no need to transfer, but if you do, it seems like a better option to entrust the transfer to Revolut or Wise.

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