ATSK brought two medals from the Student Olympiad

Third and fourth. In age group A, the student of Imre Madách’s Hungarian-English bilingual primary school in Szeged walked all the way to the final, as expected, being held back by Csenge Kiss, competing in Lipka colors, so the competitor from ATSK Szeged managed to take home a silver medal value around his neck.

Among the boys, Szabolcs Kókai (Dózsa György Primary School in Szeged) finished fourth with a great game.

V-VI. Flóra Hangai (Ferenc Deák High School in Szeged) won a bronze medal in age group A category. Additional results for ATSK Szeged:

Mate Banker (Zabad Waldorf Primary and Secondary School): Boys from Class B, III-IV. Fifth place age group.

Annamaria Sztanó (Szeged and Tersége Eötvös József High School): Girls’ Class B, V-VI. Age group sixth place

Dávid Kelemen (Zabad Waldorf Primary and Secondary School): Boy, Class B, V-VI. The age group ranked eighth

Casa Biborca ​​(SZTE Vocational and Primary Secondary School): girls’ category B, I-II. The age group ranked eighth.

Fanny Fougas (Joseph Gregor Primary School in Szeged): Girls of Class B, 3rd to 4th. The age group ranked eighth.

In the team competition, Csongrád-Csanád Vármegy was represented by Fábiánsebestyén Primary School, which took stage III-IV. Among the boys category, they took the sixth place.

The competitors were assisted by Victor Lilly, Ernie Gergeli, Peter Markey and Matthias Katona.

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