Athletics: Students from Kumlu can prepare nationwide

Athletics: Students from Kumlu can prepare nationwide

The District Finals for the Student Olympics were recently held. Depending on the results, students of Gagarin School, Kenderföld-Somági Primary School and Nagy László Grammar School can prepare for the national final scheduled for the end of May.


Elementary school students:


First place Gagarin School IV. Age group complex. (Szilárd Szabó, Áron Vudi, Christian Buda, Zalán Molnár, Ábel Hurton Szilágyi-Nemes Zétény) – in index image

First place Hordus Ragmond IV. Junior Throwing for Age Group: (Kanderfold Somag, Supervisor: Otto Giorgi)

2. Hordós Rajmund (Kenderföld-Somág, (Prepared by György Ottó, physical educator, trainer) – complex of five individual tests IV.

Second place Renato Cardos (Kanderfold-Sumag) 100m – Prepared by Giorgi Otto

3rd place Stenger Dominik (Gagarin) 2nd. Complex competition age group for the individual:

Third place Opel Horton (Gagarin) fourth. kcs. small ball throw

3rd place Szilágyi-Nemes Zétény (Gagarin) IV. kcs. long jump

Third place Marcel Kereks (Gagarin) III.kcs. 600 m

Wheeled Marcel

Second place Domini Lilly (Gagarin) third. kcs. small ball throw

Second place in the Gagarin School (Lily Coker, Nicolette Neidling, Viraj Szabo, Barbara Szabo, Greta Serti, Fanny Orchik). Complex competition for age group

Third place Elmont Luca (Gagarin) fourth. kcs .: throw the small ball

Third place Martinek Henrietta (Kenderföld-Somág) 1500m Prepared by: Otto Giorgi

Prepared by students who attend Gagarin is the institution’s physical education work community.

Age group of high school students:

first place Ákos Ákos (Kenderföld-Somág) 11:54msp 100m flat race

2. Ákos Ákos (Only 4 tenths of a second behind the National Final) 200m Cross Country (Prepared by Giorgi Otto)

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The Augustine Brothers did well

1. Mark Begovic 2. Leonard Horvat 3. Oliver Rajnai (all three big Laszlo grammar schools) Javelin throwing, sixth. Age group

1. Deák Levente V. Age Group High Jump

2nd Place Deák Levente V. Age Group Javelin

Preparatory Teacher: Norbert Bognar (and Georgi Otto)

Those who submitted a thick leg made it to the National Final for the Student Olympics.

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