At Városliget we can support the Hungarian team in front of the projectors

At Városliget we can support the Hungarian team in front of the projectors

With the start of the European Championship, the official fan zone for the European Championships will also open on the site adjacent to the Városliget ice rink. Here, those interested can jointly support the Hungarian team and watch all matches of the tournament on giant monitors. Organizers will also be waiting for visitors with various entertainment programs and opportunities, and will be able to hear a round table discussion with several former football players and coaches. The fan area has been designed according to the strictest precautions set by the operating staff, and the outdoor venue will be accessed free of charge with a security certificate, M1 News reported.

The Fan Zone opens daily at 11am, one hour after the last game on matchdays, and closes at 10pm on holidays. The excitement of watching the match immediately is provided by four giant projectors – each of 60 square meters – and further entertainment provided by the artists of the big stage. In addition, there are many free programs for people of all ages and genders.

Reminiscent of a football field but immaculate picnic area, the tens of thousands of square meters of artificial turf will include an esports corner, teeqball, skill obstacle course and photo corner, plus unmissable food and drink. Service of course.

Zsuzsa Csisztu, a spokeswoman for the Budapest fan zone, emphasized at the official opening ceremony on Friday: It’s only natural for printers to meet each other and experience the experiences of football matches together.

The city park area is nothing more than an extension of Puskas Square, where everyone is enriched in a safe environment with a real sense of football life, even families. Together we celebrate the matches of the Hungarian national team, the Hungarian European Championships, but perhaps even the fact that we have ended an epidemic situation during a tiring and psychedelic period.” – Tell.

The venue was built in accordance with current health regulations and the strictest precautions set by the operating staff, within ten days and located in a majestic environment, less than a kilometer and a half from Puskas Arena, home of the Budapest matches. Support for the epidemic is facilitated by the fact that the extensive external site is accessible with a security certificate, a negative PCR test that does not exceed 72 hours, and an official certificate of a person’s infection within six months. As an extra security step, there were heat gates at the entrance.

Budapest, June 11, 2021, Budapest’s official fan zone for the European Football Championship in Varoslieget (Photo: MTI/Zoltán Balogh)

The fan village’s operating director, Balázs Major, told MTI: The city park site has a capacity of 11,000 people, and at the gates they have technology that can be used to close the gates in the event of a full house. He confirmed that about 600 people will work in shifts to entertain the crowd. At the same time, half of the number will be on duty, but on special days – when the Hungarians enter the field – three quarters.

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Jenő Sipos, spokesperson for the Hungarian Football Federation, reminded us: Five years ago, the performance of the Hungarian European Championship caused a joyful atmosphere not only in French stadiums, but also in Budapest.

Those who do not make it to the Puskás Arena or other European Championship venues for various reasons can watch the matches in City Park in a great atmosphere and are absolutely sure to have a lasting experience, just like the fans in the stadiums.He said.

During the event, the organizers will publish the latest information, content and detailed program details about the fan zone on the Puskás Arena Facebook page.

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