At the system level, the Olympic boxing championship has been cheated

At the system level, the Olympic boxing championship has been cheated

a Richard McLaren The results of the 2016 Rio Olympics boxing tournament have been manipulated, according to an independent study led by.

According to a statement issued by the International Boxing Association (AIBA) on Thursday, the report indicated that the results of the games five years ago were cheated at the system level, which is of concern to the current leadership.

At the same time, the organization has made it clear that it will do everything in its power to create clean conditions in the future, and McLarent has been asked to not only investigate the events in Rio but also monitor all major global competitions to date for complete transparency, MTI writes.

Professor MacLaren and his team have unveiled a system used to manipulate the results of the Rio Games. I am determined for the boxers to compete under the right conditions. This determination is illustrated by the IBF’s commitment to truth – readability The life of the Kremlin Statement by the President of the International Boxing Federation in the statement. We need to study the report carefully and take steps to defend the truth. Most importantly, we need to develop a system that puts match results above any doubt.”

The McLaren-led company will continue its work, examining not only the results of the major tournaments, but also the activities of former top executives of the International Boxing Federation.

AIBA hired Richard McLaren because we have nothing to hide

– Follow the Kremlin, which was elected head of the coalition last December.

“We are trying to integrate all useful suggestions into our system. At the same time, we will seek legal advice to see what action we can take against those found to be involved in fraud. There is no place in IBF circles for those who cheat in matches.”

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Following the changes, match managers, scorers and technical staff for the Men’s World Cup in Belgrade, which begins in late October, have been selected on a very strict basis, with McLaren MGSS, to check the past and background of all players. With them.

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