At the last minute, Fidesz rewrote the Amendment to Social Law a bit

At the last minute, Fidesz rewrote the Amendment to Social Law a bit

At Thursday’s meeting of the Legislative Committee, they discussed a bill that would, for example, rewrite the Social Code. about this bundle of laws We wrote a summary here earlier.

The legislative package in its original form will determine this

  1. You are primarily responsible for an individual’s Social Security.
  2. If an individual is unable to establish his social security through no fault of his own, it is the duty of the next of kin to assist him, in proportion to his financial capabilities and personal capacity.
  3. If an individual’s livelihood cannot be secured by himself and his relatives, the municipality of his residence has a duty of care.
  4. Charitable organizations that receive state support are tasked with finding and helping people who are not covered by social security to the best of their ability.
  5. If social security cannot be established for the individual despite the provisions of Paragraph (4), it is the duty of the state to guarantee it.

At the current committee meeting, Fidesz representatives have slightly rewritten the proposal, as it turns out Andras Jambor out of office. In the amended version, after relatives and the municipality, charitable organizations no longer follow, but immediately the state, which, like municipalities, cooperates with civil and church charitable organizations.

He also wrote that people are responsible for their relatives according to the distance of kinship between them.

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