At the end of March, the largest foreign education fair in Europe will be held in Budapest

International Education Days is the largest fair for foreign education in EuropeWhich takes place twice a year in the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) and Poland, and since March 2022 in Hungary.

Great event organizer Baltic Council for International Education – 28 years of experience and more than 1,000 foreign partner institutions A leading education agency. Every year, nearly 50 educational institutions are represented at the fair, which attracts thousands of visitors. Those interested have the opportunity to meet with representatives of the institutions in person, receive first-hand information about foreign universities, high schools, summer camps and language courses. The next exhibition will be held on March 25th at approximately the Crowne Plaza Hotel. With the participation of 50 foreign institutions.

Every year, more and more students consider the possibility of further education abroad. A few years spent abroad will remain an experience forever and provide endless opportunities for academic and personal development. Young people can explore new places, build relationships and meet new people from all over the world. Of course, during their stay abroad, their language skills, flexibility and self-confidence improve and develop. Last but not least, an international diploma is undoubtedly very valuable, whether the student is abroad or in Hungary.

Among the most popular destinations among Hungarian students Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Finland and Sweden), Holland And that United kingdom; But with favorable tuition fees BelgiumIt is also chosen by more and more people. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, or even Canada and the United States are also popular destinations. Education in the Nordic countries is not only free, but it is also forward-looking and practical, which is attractive to international students. In the Netherlands, university courses are similarly high-quality and practice-oriented, led by instructors who teach based on their real-life experience. In the Netherlands, more than 2,000 courses are available in English, including more specializations that cannot be studied in other countries. Even after the sudden exit from the European Union, the United Kingdom remained a popular study destination for students, as British universities are known all over the world and have a long history. German-speaking countries are also popular destinations, especially for those who come from German-Hungarian bilingual classes. In addition to European countries, American and Canadian institutions of higher education are becoming increasingly popular.

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the International Education Days An educational gallery called On Saturday, March 25th will be held and closed 50 foreign educational institutions he will come.

Universities, business schools, high schools and language schools represent themselves From the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, France, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Canada and the USA. Participants can receive information directly from representatives of the institutions. In this event, not only drillsbut the About housing, scholarships, admission process, grants Interested parties can also find information. World-renowned boarding secondary schools They will also be there at the fair, and will be happy to inform parents and students about their summer programs and opportunities. Young children, teenagers and adults can also find something for themselves: the organizer of the event is the Baltic Council Summer camps and language courses It also gives just a few examples of the participating institutions that will be present: University of Bristol (England), Artevelde University of Applied Sciences (Belgium), Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands), Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Newton University (Czech Republic), IFM Business School (Switzerland). The full list of participants can be found at Baltic Council on his website. All those interested in foreign education are welcome to the fair On Saturday, March 25th, in the conference room of the Crowne Plaza Hotel (1062 Váci t 1-3). event entry freebut to sign up associated with it It is possible at the link below.

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