At the age of 87, János Egri will take to the ice as a member of the Hungarian national hockey team

May 2, 2023 – 5:16 PM

At the age of 87, three-time Hungarian champion, national hockey player, journalist and TV presenter Janos Egri will take to the field with his colleagues on the hockey team. As a member of the Hungarian national hockey team, Egri will fight on the ice in jersey number 87 on May 4 against Slovenia and on May 9 against Canada at the MVM Dome Hockey Arena, according to reports.

Janos Egri told the newspaper that his old dream would come true by being able to wear the national team shirt again. “At the beginning of the sixties I was able to play in some matches in the Hungarian national team, but instead of playing sports, television became my path. However, I never stopped playing hockey. Until now, I am on the ice on a weekly basis, we hit the puck with a group Of friends, and we don’t miss training even if it’s just the two of us. We succeeded at that time, ”added Egri, who previously also spoke about one of his greatest desires to enter the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest Hungarian hockey player. “From this I received a gift for life from sports managers. I can wear the national team form for the match against the Slovenes. I will also be there against the Canadians, but it has not yet been decided when and how I will stand on the ice, ”says the former TV legend, who during his career was a leading quiz show Which have been loved by millions, like Game with Letters, Mind Tournament or Aki Mer, Wins.

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Egri, who also wrote the introduction to Telex Észkombájn, told Blikk that he loves to play sports, and also goes to tennis twice a week in addition to hockey, so he thinks his condition won’t be a problem.

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