At least three people were killed in a massive hurricane in the United States

At least three people were killed and several others injured in North Carolina on Monday night when a hurricane struck the east coast of the US state. CBS News.

The sudden hurricane erupted shortly after midnight in southeastern North Carolina, Brunswick County. The natural disaster killed at least three people, injured scores and left many stranded in their dilapidated homes. “ County sheriff’s office said. In their statement, they described the hurricane as extremely devastating, causing massive damage to hundreds of properties, particularly in the Ocean Ridge Farms area.

The roof structure of many homes was damaged or severely damaged by the massive wind gust, crooked trees everywhere in settlements, and huge tree branches broken. Hundreds of homes are now operational, as there is no longer any proper power line in most parts of the county.

People in local disaster management are still walking from plot to plot, trying to find people trapped in their homes. We do not yet know how many people can be isolated from the outside world, but it is certain that the number of victims will increase and there could be more victims of the natural disaster. Said a county fire department officer.

Many blame the US Federal Weather Service for issuing a hurricane warning only late Monday night, when many had already come to rest. CBS News In his.

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