You can vote only in the capital.

Will the many recipe for the opposition coalition succeed? Could Peter Markey be a disguised costume? Or will everything remain as it is and Fides will win and win no more than two-thirds? or even that? Absolutely: Can Viktor Orban be defeated in Hungary today? The election campaign has started and we are following every moment. stay with us

Our local correspondent reports that trains are not running properly in the Netherlands, and at the moment it is not possible to get from Amsterdam to The Hague until the end of the voting. Sure enough, the train won’t leave before 5pm, and the long-distance bus tickets are sold out, so now they’re trying to find a ride with a college company of 7 people so they can vote. This may be a problem for many now, because voting at foreign missions is only possible in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Our minute-by-minute coverage of the parliamentary elections You can read it here.


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