The lawyer representing György Shadel and his wife found violations of fundamental rights, on the basis of which he asked the Metropolitan Court to suspend the proceedings.

the index According to his information, the first accused in the Schadl-Wöllner trial is György Schadl, former President of the Hungarian Executive Court and the 17th. On behalf of the respondent, Helga Schädel-Baranyai, lawyer Balazs-Geller, submitted an application to the Metropolitan Court of Appeal to the Constitutional Court to suspend the proceedings.

The newspaper wrote that, according to the proposal, the measure raised five violations of fundamental rights, which the Constitutional Court has the power to identify and resolve.

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One complaint is that, according to them, Pal Feulner was wiretapped by the National Defense Service before his immunity was suspended. They also criticize the fact that authorities often reach agreements with cooperating witnesses without the presence of a defense attorney, in a situation where refusal to agree can lead to immediate suspicion and detention. Among other things, they claim that the National Defense Service exceeded its authority.

According to the indictment, György Šadl, the head of the Hungarian court’s executive body who resigned in the meantime, had a corrupt relationship with then Justice Minister Pál Wöllner before May 2018. The indictment also accused the 22 defendants of committing other crimes, including corruption, economic and property crimes. Four preparatory sessions and eleven trial days were held in the case, during which ten defendants admitted their guilt and received suspended prison sentences, while the main defendants in the trial, including György Schädel and his wife Helga Schädel-Baranyai, denied their guilt.

You can listen to our podcast summary of the Shadle case here.


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