Now, however, both of these former Jobbik party founders will be diplomats in Orbán’s government.

Last spring, Janos Bencic asked himself if that was the case ATV He should have sat next to Janus Wollner at one of his performances. He began the broadcast by theatrically moving his chair to the other side of the table to sit across from Wollner, so he wanted to express that he did not consider his former Whig colleague an opposition politician.

The scene shown in the video below is made especially spicy by the fact that, just a few days later, they will both be diplomats in Peter Szijjarto’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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Such as hvg. hu Former oath books Janos Bencic receives a diplomatic mission in Canada from the Government of FidesThe politician admitted this to us.

In addition, we had information about the diplomatic appointment of another former employee, Janus Wollner, to Singapore. However, when we called on Friday to see if he could confirm our information, He simply denied it to our colleague over the phone, that he is preparing to become an attaché in Singapore. When our colleague asked if he would hold any other diplomatic post, Wöllner denied it as well, saying that there was no question of any diplomatic appointment, not least because he was busy with his own party, the Huxit party.

But it turned out on Saturday that Wollner wasn’t really telling the truth It will be attached in SingaporeThe necessary security check is already underway.

Wollner and Bencic were not just ex-Jubiks: both of them also founded a party as Jobbik’s dissident. First Wollner’s party, now, after the election, Hoxett’s party. And Bencsik is an organization called Civic Response.

Janos Bencic, former Vice President of Jobbik, has been appointed Consul General in Toronto has learned that Janos Bencic, a former member of Parliament who resigned from Jobbik in 2020 because of Peter Jakab, will be assigned a diplomatic mission in Canada, and will be Consul General in Toronto next year. The politician can only say that he was a “willing diplomat” at the State Department.


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