He is looking forward to working together in the future in his Independence Day greetings.

In a message, Prime Minister Viktor Orban received US President Donald Trump on the occasion of the Federal Independence Day of the United States.

Viktor Orbán wrote that in a challenging period of the global pandemic, it is extremely important to commemorate the milestone events in our history that strengthen our national unity, adding that Americans and Hungarians alike show a special commitment and dedication to shared values ​​such as freedom, sovereignty and independence. The Hungarian Prime Minister stated that the intention to preserve Christian heritage, the continued strengthening of families and our joint support for Israel, continue to determine the direction of our policy.

Viktor Orbán wrote: “We will not forget that the United States has been home to many freedom-loving Hungarians over the past centuries. The people of Hungarian descent living in the United States represent a close bond between our two countries.” He stressed that independence and sovereignty are “values ​​that my government and the Hungarian people cherish and want to preserve even in difficult times. As a committed member of NATO, we agree that we must play a fair role in protecting the Euro-Atlantic community.”

The Prime Minister recalled with “great pleasure” the memories of the White House Summit on May 13 last year, as well as their last telephone conversation on May 6 of this year, when they had the opportunity to exchange views on critical issues. In this regard, Viktor Orban assured in his message to Donald Trump, “We will continue to protect our borders and stand up to illegal immigration.”

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“My government wants to strengthen our close bilateral relationship with you and we will continue our commitment to allies of the United States. Personally, I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future. I wish you good health and good luck in your life. Responsible duties,” concluded the Hungarian Prime Minister.

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