The Liu brothers, who plan to pay the money requested by the organization themselves, said they needed a stable coaching staff and to see how the Figure Skating Association plans for the next four years, but the situation is becoming increasingly uncertain.

Sándor Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang spoke for the first time since it was revealed that they initiated the change of state at the Hungarian National Skating Association (MOKSZ). Olympic champion in short track speed skating A.S National sportsto They gave an interview in which they revealed the reason for their decision to continue their career elsewhere.

According to them, they started to worry and feel uncertain about the situation when they found out that the federation was not keeping the coaching staff together. They sat down to negotiate with the leaders of MOKSZ several times, because they wanted the team to stay together, under whose leadership they won one gold medal in the relay at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, another gold and two bronze medals at this year’s Beijing Games.

Sándor Shaolin Sándor Liu said they wanted to make sure the federation didn’t let coaches go, but they increasingly felt their problem would not be solved. “In fact. To this day, the federation does not have a professional plan developed for this Olympic cycle, the team management has not been resolved – or at least not according to the standard used in previous years – and there is no long-term professional training plan and competition calendar,” adding that our confidence in The union has retreated. They had reason to think about how to plan until the 2026 Olympic Games in Milan.

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Liu Shawang talked about wanting their separation to be trouble-free. His brother added to this:

We want to continue to be the best in the world, but in the current situation, we felt that the conditions for achieving our goals were no longer guaranteed at home. We always want to get the best out of ourselves, and we saw that we have the opportunity to do that in the future only if we change countries.”

According to Leos, they go to another country because “we’re nobody, we’re trying to fight for our place in the selection competitions. Even though we’ve had results before, we’re starting from scratch.”

Regarding the fact that MOKSZ will only agree to change the country if they fulfill the obligation in their sports contract, that is, they pay HUF 100-150 million per person allocated for their preparation, they said: their contract with MOKSZ actually expired on March 31, since then no charge anything on their budget. “The above costs were incurred when we were fighting to win as many medals as possible for Hungary in world competitions.”

Sándor Liu Shaolin put it this way: “We do not yet know where we are going, that is, no country or association can settle these costs. (Although their mother told a Chinese newspaper that they would acquire Chinese citizenship— editor.) As mentioned, we decided to change states due to loss of confidence and uncertainty –

Udo and I decided that if the Hungarian Assembly insisted on paying the costs, we would cover them ourselves. Even if we don’t agree with it, and if there is no similar example in the international history of short track speed skating.

They also noted that they feel that many people love them in Hungary, and many are saddened by their departure. They did their best to make Hungarian short track speed skating as successful as possible, they will not forget these years, and they will always look back on this period with good feelings. “That is why we undertake to reimburse the costs raised by the Association if this decision is taken, but as it is not a small sum, we need time to do it in full,” they explained.

On several points, Leos’ statement contradicts what MOKSZ and its boss, politician Fides Lajos Cossa, said about them and their coach previously. In several advertisements, the league asserted that the manager of the Hungarian national team, China’s Lina Zhangqing, had personally requested the termination of her indefinite contract because she had received an “irresistible” offer from her country. Brother and sister followed Lena to China in August, and began their preparations with her, Kusa being quite sure that they would go on to compete in the Hungarian colours.

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On Tuesday, the president praised the athletes, but noted that they had begun to count the items supported by documents. “We don’t care whether it’s paid for by a sponsor, an association, or anyone else. And then the boys are free to compete.”


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