There were people who loaned a diamond a relatively small amount of 250,000 HUF, but it just so happened that he cheated someone out of 6.5 million HUF at the same time during the previous Olympics.

Former Olympic gymnast Linke Almásy, an athlete who competed in the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics, has been jailed for defrauding several people in recent years – He writes the eyelash. According to reports, it caused total damages of 30 to 35 million HUF to those involved.

Victims recently shared their experiences in a separate Facebook group: There was a person who loaned a diamond a relatively small amount of HUF 250,000, but happened to cheat someone of HUF 6.5 million at the same time. One of the victims interviewed by the newspaper said the former Olympian claimed he had cancer and asked him for money for treatment.

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According to the second Budapest newspaper. And the third. The District Public Prosecutor’s Office filed charges of continuing fraud, with the court, based on the results of the trial, declaring the accused guilty and thus sentencing him to one year in prison. In the ruling, the court also ordered the implementation of a one-year suspended sentence previously issued against the accused in another case, also due to fraud.

The investigation into the reports submitted in the spring has not yet been completed, and the former Olympian could face additional years in prison for them.


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