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Aston Martin: We weren’t faster at Imola either

Aston Martin: We weren’t faster at Imola either


Friday, April 29, 2022, 9:54 am


Although they scored their first units in this year’s World Cup by two points, team boss Mike Crake still claims his pace in the F1 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix was no better than before.

Aston Martin started the 2022 season appallingly: they were among the top riders in the first three races, Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll crashed cars multiple times at the Australian Grand Prix, so the number of parts in the swarm is down drastically. After all, they provided one of the pleasant surprises at the weekend in Imola, where they managed to score two goals by finishing eighth in Germany and tenth in Canada. However, captain Mike Crack warns that his pace was no better than in previous rounds.

“We are obviously pleased with the fact that we managed to get the car to a better place than its pace in challenging conditions on Friday and Sunday,” quotes Crack as saying. “So I think the team and riders did a great job, timing the wheel changes well, and were able to build on the experience they gained on the dry track.”

“In such mixed and difficult conditions we need to make the most of our chances. And I think we could have done very hard work on a normal ride. I don’t think there would be more speed in our car than before. If we looked closely at the sprint, it was We have to defend hard. We didn’t even have a chance on Saturday to finish in the top 10. Overall, I’m happy with the first points of the season, but obviously we have a long way to go, so we’re smiling now, but we have to work hard for the future again. another the next day.”

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Crack also revealed that even before the race, they felt and discussed that this time they might have a chance to perform stronger than expected: “Australia has obviously been very tough on everyone who worked so hard at the factory. We don’t have spare parts anymore. That’s why we had a meeting. With the whole team ahead of the race. And we said the conditions were similar to those on Friday, and on Friday we did a fantastic job getting the cars to a more upscale position than they looked.”

“That’s why we said OK, we start from 13th and 15th, and if we do well and flawlessly, others may make mistakes, and we may have a chance to score. And that was welcomed by the whole team, who were ready here and in the position in Silverstone. It was a great teamwork on Sunday and it was good to see that’s how we stood and gathered.”

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