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Aston Martin was prepared for the fact that the momentum at the beginning of the year would run out

Aston Martin was prepared for the fact that the momentum at the beginning of the year would run out

Aston Martin was not unprepared for the problems it faced mid-year. They expected the setback.

In the first six races of the year, they achieved a string of podium finishes, but are now at 5-6. They can really enjoy their situation. At the beginning of the year, Aston Martin was the surprise team of the season, but in the meantime its competitors have caught up. Mercedes and Ferrari tried to correct the mistakes that caused the derailment at the beginning of the year by making significant improvements, and McLaren also gave new momentum to its season with its B car.

Before the Belgian Grand Prix, team boss Mike Crack admitted that poor decisions and improvements had played a part in making them less competitive than they were, but Fernando Alonso said after his fifth place finish on Sunday that his car and its performance looked “normal” again. After correcting some things by learning from previous competitions.

Krak noted that they were not a bit surprised that their initial momentum was fading, as they expected this to happen at some point.

“At the beginning of the year, when we had two podium finishes, I always said there would be more difficult periods. Now it has come a little faster than we wanted. But that is the reality of Formula 1. We are in a very competitive environment, where everyone is developing strongly, and that is why “There is a change in the order of power, where it takes an incredible amount of work to be able to stay where you are.”

“It shows how hard everyone is working, at full strength. We knew the season was not going to be easy.” Luxembourg said.

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He stressed that they were able to benefit from their experiences at Silverstone and in Hungary at Spa, and thanks to that, they performed better. “This is very important. Everyone involved has put in an incredible amount of hours over the last few weeks and it is always important to see that hard work pays off, otherwise you will be disappointed and it becomes more difficult.”

“So it was very good for the team to see that we can work together to improve the car. But that was just the first step. We are still far from the podium, so more will be needed from us.” Crack said.

Mike Crack (Photo: XPB)

His rival Fernando Alonso also has a positive attitude towards the current difficulties they face, and considers these experiences important for further development. “I’m not really thinking about the future, just this year. The goal is development. We’re having some difficulties at the moment. “Some of our opponents are over-performing or we’re not performing well enough on certain tracks.” He said no BBCWho lost their shape.

“I find this very interesting, because I think it is useful for the development of the team, and it is essential for you to grow. There will always be obstacles and difficulties along the way, and it is up to us how to deal with them, how to overcome these difficulties.

“I think the team is very smart about this. Even if we struggle a little bit in the middle of the year, I think that will make us stronger going forward. So I’m very optimistic about this.” said the two-time world champion.

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