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I’m about to get caught up. I have a girlfriend and she is great but we have only been together for 6 months. I’m a sophomore and a marketing major. My problem is lately me and a friend from class have gotten cool. She’s mad cool and we have a lot in common. We became friends while working together on a few projects. I’m starting to talk to my friend more and more we have a lot in common. I have not cheated on my girlfriend I love her. But I’m starting to feel like Chris Brown.

Anonymous Chris

Dear Anonymous Chris,

This situation is common; so don’t think you are a horrible boyfriend. There is something you do need to think about though, and that is ummm… you’re GIRLFRIEND. There can be two possible reasons you are having these random feelings. One reason could be you want out of your relationship. Another reason could be that there is a void in some area in your relationship which is easy to fill with the thoughts of another. Take this encounter with your “friend” as a time to re-evaluate your relationship. What does your friend have that may be lacking in your relationship? Once you figure that out, have an honest discussion with your girlfriend about your feelings. Don’t attack your girlfriend and criticize her for what may be lacking. Think of ways to improve those things and come to her with suggestions on how the both of you can work on making the relationship better. Before you even go through the trouble of confronting the issues, do you still want to be with your girlfriend? Do you love her enough to rectify the problem? Don’t waste her time or your time if you know that the attraction to your friend can be solved by just breaking up with your girlfriend. I am not telling you to break up with your girlfriend to be with your “friend” because this isn’t about her. This could just be a sign that you need to finally fix your relationship or let it go. Think then React. If you need any more help I’m here. Good luck.



Professor Lately



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