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Asia Express Final: Nora Ordog announced the winning duo for this season

Asia Express Final: Nora Ordog announced the winning duo for this season

The winners got 10 million Hungarian forints richer.

It ended after several weeks Asia Express On TV2: He said goodbye before the final an egg Bruno And Kempf Zozoand that’s in the end It’s a dog Gabor And Toth DavidBeside pointing to Percy And Wagner To the fans They competed against each other through several tasks.

The most difficult was undoubtedly the task that required the contestants’ sense of balance: they had to walk 800 meters with a basket (containing laundry) on their heads. Satan Even Nora.

The seemingly impossible challenge was made even more difficult by the wind blowing through the city. If the basket bounces off their heads, they can return to the starting point and start over. After arriving at the destination, the laundry had to be washed and then hung out. If they put the clothes in the dryer in the correct order — with the names of the cities they visited during the show — Nora Ordog moved them to the next destination.

There, based on local customs, they had to break eggs on each other’s heads and piece together the name of the next destination based on the parts of the word that came out of them. In the penultimate task, locals played songs for the contestants on an instrument called a marimba (here Beto Bruno and Zozo Kempf provided the music), which had to be decoded. Every song had to be invented, and even then they couldn’t move forward.

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If this is successful, a trip can lead the players to a bar, where they once again look for clues: they can have a drink, and the codes are hidden in ice cubes. He collected 1,492 and after typing the number on a tablet, took them to the next location within Guatemala.

In the final task, they had to find a GPS-based bus and find the last clue that led the contestants to Nóra Ördög. Whichever was faster won.

The winner was the pair of Gabor Koksera and David Toth, who won 10 million Hungarian forints.

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