As the Gulf Stream is about to collapse, our entire climate could collapse

As the Gulf Stream is about to collapse, our entire climate could collapse

Greenland’s ice is melting, the ocean is weakening, the current is slowing down, there will be less rain, Europe may be cooler.

Because of human insanity and insistence on rest, despite the fact that scientists have been slowly sounding the alarm for decades, humanity is heading towards complete destruction. Global climate change is a real problem, it is even the root of many current global problems (such as immigration brought to the center by the Hungarian government), and if we do not solve this problem soon, it will be a huge problem. Now, climate researchers have warned of very serious symptoms:

The Gulf Stream, which supplies warm seawater to Europe’s Caribbean shores, may close in less than decades.

a guardian According to his article, golf is already carrying the water at the slowest pace in 1,600 years, but now it is on the verge of stopping altogether. Such an event would cause global catastrophe, jeopardizing life-giving rains for billions of people in India, South America and West Africa, lower temperatures and even more devastating storms in Europe, and rising sea levels off the eastern coast of North America. . Even the Amazon rainforest and Antarctic ice shields will be affected by a golf crash. As you can see, all this would spoil the cultivation as well.

When exactly can this happen? It could take up to a decade, scientists say, but could last a Gulfstream for a few more centuries. In Hungarian, may the end of the world come in our lives. Niklas BowersThe researcher at the German Institute for Climate Impact Research in Potsdam says that the signs of destabilizing the current are clearly visible. Seeing this as scary, Bowers says we simply can’t afford golf to end her career.

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Global climate change is a relatively slow process, although it also causes a series of devastating events (such as massive wildfires, destructive hurricanes, hurricanes, droughts, floods, etc.). But there can be rapid and drastic turning points where some processes become irreversible. The Amazon rainforest is already emitting more carbon dioxide than it absorbs due to burning, and with the sudden melting of much of the Greenland ice sheet and the melting of the Siberian tundra, more and more greenhouse gases and methane are being released into the atmosphere. These are also turning points.

The Gulf Stream is driven in part by the way the warm waters of the South Sea move north and sink deep into the Arctic Ocean. This is exactly what Greenland ice cap melting Torpedo, because there is a lot of fresh water flowing from it into the sea slowing the warm current towards the north. Although in the case of the Gulf Stream, periods of fast flow and slow flow have been observed over the past century and a half, what is happening now is still abnormal. Golf is very unstable, like the Boers rocking chair on both legs. Many of us play rock music, if at some point one moved backwards, they could fall down dramatically.

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