As reported in England: Transgender swimmers competing among women have an unexplained advantage

The English Swimming Association has adopted regulations that underscore the principles of fair competition. Thanks to the new classification introduced by the organization, women born as women will soon be able to compete in the women’s field.

According to the new rules of the Swimming Federation of England (Swim England), from September, female swimmers will not have to compete in official competitions with transgender athletes in the same category, the Daily Mail reports.

The sport’s governing body on the island has solved this problem by introducing an “open” category for male-born, trans and non-binary competitors, while the female category is now restricted to female-born swimmers.

The regulations come into effect on 1 September and apply to all competitions organized under the auspices of FA Swimming, including events organized by regions and member clubs.

According to the association’s view, hormonal therapy reduces superior performance, however “It’s not enough to completely erase it, so trans women are more likely to have an advantage over their cisgender counterparts.”.

As a result, the English Swimming Association believes that restricting some events to women born female is proportionate and justified in the interest of fair competition.

they added in their statement.

The English Swimming Association is not the first to introduce new regulations into the sport to protect female competitors. Last year, the FINA Council voted to ban athletes who have reached puberty from the women’s field. The decision comes amid controversy in the US yet 22-year-old Leah Thomas In March 2022, she became the first transgender swimmer to win the American Collegiate Swimming Championships in the women’s category.

source: daily Mail

Featured photo: American transgender swimmer Leah Thomas

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