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As of the end of the year, part of the magnificent interior of the Déli pályaudvar restaurant can be seen again

As of the end of the year, part of the magnificent interior of the Déli pályaudvar restaurant can be seen again

It won’t be a bistro, but a bathroom.

Budapest is full of amazing buildings, statues and little details, which we feature in our long-running little-known Budapest series. This line includes those who were born fifty years ago in this year South Station (Giorgi Kfar1970-1973), and was inaugurated on December 24, 1975 Fast food restaurantWhich today only a few remember exists.

As part of the Kecilie Museum’s Virtual Artifact Rescue Programme Captured in many photos The image of the place, in addition to the white marble and black quartzite slabs seen in other parts of the station, a magnificent curved waiting desk, Yugoslavian plastic globe lamps, and John Blasky And Laszlo Miske Dominated by wall decoration,

Creating one of the most important achievements of Hungarian design of the 1970s.

Sandor Bauer/Forteban
Sandor Bauer/Forteban
Sandor Bauer/Forteban
Sandor Bauer/Forteban

The venue, initially run by Utasellátó Vállalat, finally closed in 2002, and had to wait until 2009 to reopen: that’s when the short-lived DPU Cha-Cha-Cha nightclub, owned by half a ton of pigeon droppings and dead people, opened Removing dozens of animals, they were surprised by the presence of countertops, original carvings and superlative decorations, as well as most of the lamps.

Before renewal Looking at the pictures The place was a true time capsule, and that feeling was only enhanced by the refurbishment, with Sky chairs and sofas moved between the walls as well as custom-made period furniture.

Cha-cha-cha only had a short time, and the gates were closed again – until recently, since MÁV a few hours ago He announced this on his Facebook page:

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In a part of the space, of 85 square metres, he creates bathrooms for passengers, so that part of the cover designed by Blaski and Miski is once again visible.

The room, which will be opened at the end of the year, will contain a bathroom for women and men with a capacity of 6 seats each, in addition to a barrier-free family bathroom equipped with a diaper changing station. There will also be a luggage box. Storage room in the front yard.

Flipping through the photo gallery didn’t reveal what’s in the rest of the former bistro today, the Kescheli Museum created in 2019 According to his pictures Some elements of the interior are still visible, and many elements are likely hidden behind plaster coverings.

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