As Biden leads in Georgia, Stacy Abrams is being admired and praised

Not everyone celebrates Mrs. Abrams. Morris, a Republican who works as a county commissioner in Fulton County, home of Atlanta, told me he viewed Mrs. Abrams, a fiery fiancée, as “divisive,” and compared her to Mr. Trump.

“Like President Trump’s allegations of fraud and corruption, they have ignited the right side,” Mr. Morris said in an interview on Friday. “Their efforts certainly aroused people’s enthusiasm to come out and vote.” However, while Mr Trump’s false allegations about fraudulent elections and fraud on a massive scale are unfounded, Georgia has Long and documented history To suppress voters, especially among colored voters.

Mrs. Abrams, on occasion, also clashes with members of her party, who have criticized her outrageous ambition and outright desire to be Biden’s deputy in the election. In the South, where black politicians are interconnected and traditional, Mrs. Abrams was also a disabling force. Her political vision can conflict with the local democratic establishment, and her national primacy has upset the feathers.

However, the political payoff of Mr. Biden’s breakthrough in Georgia may calm these tensions. The evidence she published has taken root widely – a combination of reclaiming suburban metro residents and registering new voters in the black, Hispanic, and Asian American communities.

Ness Uvot, current chief executive of the New Georgia Project, said election campaigns are often too short-sighted to do the long-term work of registering and educating new voters, regardless of party affiliation.

“When you think about the transactional nature of election campaigns, I think they prioritize getting people who are already voters to vote for them,” Yovot said, adding that “there was not enough conversation about the 100 million eligible Americans who did not vote in 2016.”

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Astide Herndon contributed reporting.

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