As a pigeon, you can simply ... do everything in Pigeon Simulator

As a pigeon, you can simply … do everything in Pigeon Simulator


The bathroom simulator is based on a prototype from the developers of I Am Bread from 2 years ago.

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a Surgeon simulator And the I bake With games, Bossa Studios has already proven that they can have too many ideas and even implement them. two years ago Boy With them prof Bathroom simulator Also a prototype that HakJak Studios has now taken as a basis for building the full game.

The developers define their software as nothing more than confronting the randomly generated GTA game with Goat Simulator – Bath-Only Tournament.

So, as the title suggests, we can act like pigeons, but we are not an ordinary dove, we are the elect, and our special abilities keep emerging as we move through the levels. It is up to us how to create a pigeon paradise. Do we destroy humanity and restore the region to nature? Are we creating a utopian state in which humans and pigeons live peacefully side by side? Do we move with our peers to a distant country and start a new life there? Or are we turning everyone into half-stray zombies? It is up to us what the final result will be …

For all this, we get a sandbox simulator with pre-made and random game elements. And in a procedurally created city, there are a number of ways to wreak havoc – just look at the video above. Of course, we can leave an imprint on anything and anyone …

Pigeon Simulator is manufactured for PC and is scheduled for release sometime this year. The HakJak Studios team of five plans to engage players more than an early access concept: they will gradually invite more and more fans to participate in the development process. ■

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