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Áron Takács: The Old Spittoon Cup in the Liberal Barn: The Hungarians

The latest fierce explanation was due to Catalin Carrico’s unfortunate recruitment statement.

“These elements are known to be passionate about science. They worship religiously, and every penny spent on the field will be sacrificed due to this hadron collision, but mostly in search of different hitherto unknown races. Catalin Carrico also shone instantly when she ramped up her vaccination work. Suddenly as a result of the unfortunate Coronavirus epidemic. They tried many times to drag him into the trenches with them, and it was very good for them when they tried to destroy confidence in the oriental vaccines, but Catalin Carrico received her kindly and did not ask. He subtly mentioned in this regard that, in the opinion of science, all Vaccines are effective if their mechanism of action can be described and proven, including in the East.

The liberal fold was deeply disappointed, because the Lady Scientist did not conform too much to the absurd stereotype that Pumpkins had of female Scientists in their heads, and even apparently did not feel offended when the Prime Minister publicly called him the College Lady Inquisitor. In a way, she’s definitely a scientist + woman, so both traits suit her. But the biggest blow came to them now, as the professor was visiting the Carmelite at the invitation of the Prime Minister, and in addition to serious issues, even pig cheese was discussed, which is intolerable in the four districts of Bilbest which are the only ones in this small and mysterious country. Maybe nobody liked it, so in a rather weak attempt, they ran into the dark corners of opposition journalism with the paper worker, who’s been in public since 2017 anyway.

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Don’t worry anyway! Catalin Carrico was not an agent. At the age of 23, he was signed by an inconsequential paperback book on espionage, which may have served so many purposes that as a person in contact with foreigners and traveled abroad, he was required to report if foreign services attempted to recruit him. It is signed with almost every person at that time who was able to establish a professional relationship with Westerners in a formal way. Then, in 1985, after the socialist regime had emotionally downsized his workplace, Catalin Carrico tried her luck in America, where the FBI might have fussed people around with similar recruitment data. Then they might have also thought that the matter wasn’t working in the Communists’ favor. We can also take a guess from this that he’s been living there ever since. He got citizenship and a good chance for Americans to collect the Nobel Prize and two-time Olympic champion. “

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