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Aron Molnár Elszabadult's stellar boxing challenge will send Balázs Sebestyén Eszter Ráskó to the actor

Aron Molnár Elszabadult's stellar boxing challenge will send Balázs Sebestyén Eszter Ráskó to the actor

The Aaron Molnar Challenge, originally directed at Majka, is being thrown at each other by celebrities like hot potatoes. Citing Majka's work, he wrote that he didn't want to be a Starbucks with Molnár, but was going to send Balázs Sebestyén to the ring instead, because he didn't think he could really handle Molnár. Sebestyén has no intention of wrestling and almost pushes Eszter Ráskó in front of Molnár's fists.

Pick up the yarn. Challenged to a boxing match, Majka wrote to Molnar: “If you want, I will send you one of my men, because you have been in his favor for a long time. His name is Balazs Sebastian, and he has nothing to do but get up in the morning with the rooster. He can go to get ready in “Afternoon. As for me, I think he once said he doesn't bite you much.”

Sebestyén, who doesn't have a stellar boxing background, doesn't want to fight Molnár either, “because of his stubborn ankle drops and bad elbows.” It was true that Molnar did not want to fight with Sebastian either.

“But if you want, I'll send you one of my men, since you've been in the province for a long time. Her name is Eszter Ráskó, and she has nothing to do but wake up with the rooster in the morning. I often see him practicing shadow boxing here on the radio on the balcony, and when he's angry, he punches “It's always Feyre, who's sitting next to him. I think he can have an amazing punch by seeing his muscles and Feyre's appearance. I think he once told me that he doesn't bite you that much,” Sebastian continued.

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Molnar also responded to the radio operator involved in the case. “You're nice, but I didn't even challenge you.. but against Eszter Ráskó.. are you crazy??? However, I also have limits,” he wrote in a comment.

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