Arnold Schwarzenegger surprised the homeless with a wonderful Christmas gift

Arnold Schwarzenegger surprised the homeless with a wonderful Christmas gift

The Austrian oak heart is made of gold not only in his movies but also in real life: the title character in Terminator has helped homeless veterans.

Big heart, big body

Arnold Schwarzenegger is also one of the stars who will not forget to show off as Christmas approaches: not only on screen, but in real life, their hearts are made of gold. The Austrian oak, of course, famously carried the fate of the fallen, the needy and the needy in her heart, so it is not surprising, in a sense, that she has once again taken a particularly poignant initiative when it comes to the celebration of love. The former bodybuilder, best known for his movie Terminator, posted an entry on his Instagram page stating that he will celebrate Christmas sooner than expected in 2021. The 74-year-old twin star, Twins, Total Recall and The Totally Eliminate, donated, Twenty-five cell homes for veterans living in Los Angeles but left without a cover.

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“It was a great experience spending time with our heroes and welcoming them into their new homes.” On his page in the community wrote the world star, who still enjoys a huge fan base, who also thanked the organizations that helped run the event. The former California governor stressed that this is also a great opportunity to demonstrate that if there is enough cooperation on an issue, success cannot be ruled out.

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