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Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently promoting Lidl DIY products

Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently promoting Lidl DIY products

According to the supermarket chain’s statement, Schwarzenegger is a perfect fit for Parkside products.

There are celebrities who are welcomed even if they read the phone book, they are very popular – that’s why they did, and they can’t boast of being a celebrity. Among them is Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose fans are well aware of the efforts with which their favorite got to the top, and who did not, Presented by the three-part documentary series on Netflix.

Schwarzenegger is a bodybuilder, movie star, politician, and businessman all in one, who regularly advocates for good causes, and even though he’s already 76, he’s still constantly spinning. That also includes accepting ads: once a Christmas facelift for World of Tanks, once again overseeing merchandising as head of promotions at Netflix, and now Lidl has hand-picked it for himself.

the European Supermarket Magazine He drew attention to the fact that one of the well-known supermarket chains in our country, Lidl, uses the veteran bargain star to promote Parkside DIY products in several European markets. In a statement, Liddell wrote that Schwarzenegger is the perfect fit for Parkside products, as words like “strength, ambition, practicality, and a cool attitude” are associated with him. “Everything I have built has been because of the strength in the palm of my hand, just like you.” – Austrian Oak says in the video, while we can see scenes reminiscent of his classic films like Ovizzaru and The Terminator:

By the way, Lidl is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, since its first store was opened in Ludwigshafen-Mündenheim near Mannheim in 1973. It started operating in Hungary in 2004.

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