Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken control of Netflix’s action division with a tank

Summer is off to a great start for Arnold Schwarzenegger, because she’s not just one A three-part documentary series focusing on his life It will be uploaded to Netflix, but we can finally see him in his first leading role in a series, in the action comedy Fubar, also on this platform.

In it, Austrian Oak plays a retired CIA agent who is asked to go on one last mission, but it immediately becomes apparent that the target he must rescue is his daughter (Monica Barbaro), who is herself a well. Educated agent.

It’s one of the biggest summer blockbusters on Netflix, so it’s no surprise that the company is making such a fuss about the Schwarzenegger project, just as it’s no surprise that the legendary actor is happy to have fun. In the video below, everyone’s favorite action star is driving a tank to the company to take over the action movies and series division, while showcasing upcoming content for the genre-related platform: Tyler Rake: Escape 2, Season 3 of The Butters, for example, or Hearts of Stone with Gal Gadot.

The eight-episode Fubar can be watched on Netflix from May 25th.

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