Armored Core VI | will be launched Later this year, before the Elden Ring expanded the news block

Interesting rumors have surfaced, the latest installment of the Armored Core, the series that unites massive mecha machines, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, will arrive this fall, and the mecha RPG will appear ahead of the recently announced Elden Ring DLC.

Armored Core was revived ten years later, and the final episode, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, was presented at the last Game Awards. Since the announcement, there’s been a lot of silence about the robot’s adventure set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting, however computerThanks We recently received new information about the appearance.

The Japanese studio is planning a huge mecha comeback this fall. At the end of September, beginning of October, we’ll be able to jump into the cockpit of the robots. I’m happy to say that the recently announced Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, won’t release until after Armored Core Episode VI, so players on the soul-like adventure will have to wait a little longer.

We haven’t received any meaningful information about the add-on anyway, so we definitely won’t be returning to the world of The Lands Between this year, instead Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon will be available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X consoles. | S, PS4 and PS5.

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