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Are There Any Risks in Google Play? Here's What Experts Are Warning About Now

Are There Any Risks in Google Play? Here's What Experts Are Warning About Now

According to Google, everything is fine, but there are a lot of malicious programs in the Play Store.

The applications concerned are: Anatsa Infected by cybercriminals with malware called

Once on mobile devices, the malware “scans” the device and attacks banking apps directly in order to steal authentication and financial data from users.

While Google previously assured users that all identified malicious apps had been removed from Google Play, It seems that the danger has not completely disappeared. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Zscaler reported new threats targeting Android users in the company's app store.

The app disguises itself as a QR code reader and file manager, but in reality it hides the Anatsa Trojan virus.

Zscaler writes about the virus.

Users are being threatened by viruses disguised as popular apps.

Anatsa is not the only malware that can infect users' devices. Hacker News In his article published a few days ago, he published several applications. Caprat Infected with a virus called the virus's success is mainly due to the fact that

It is disguised as a program that looks very similar to popular apps, so it can easily end up on the mobile phones of unsuspecting users.

According to the list published by the newspaper, scammers use the following applications as traps:

  • Crazy Game (com.maeps.crygms.tktols)
  • Sexy Videos (com.nobra.crygms.tktols)
  • Tik Tok (com.maeps.vdosa.tktols)
  • Weapons (com.maeps.vdosa.tktols)

CapraRAT virus directs users to an infected URL through the web view of applications while

In the background, it can access almost everything on phones: from your location to SMS messages and audio and video recordings.

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How can we prevent virus attack on our phones?

Forbes has compiled five important steps on how Android users can avoid installing malware on their devices.

  1. We use only the official browser.Make sure Google Play Protect is turned on. Also, never change your device's security settings just to download an app.
  2. We always verify the identity of the app developer, If we find something suspicious, we should not install it. If we want to be sure, we can also search to see if the source is reliable or not.
  3. be suspiciousIf simple applications – for example a flashlight – They want access to a lot of our phone data. And never accept them.
  4. Never click on download links sent via SMS or email. Always install the software from the official app store mentioned above.
  5. Do not install popular programs, They point to known applications.unless we verify its authenticity.

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