Are the Olympic Games in danger? The United States does not recommend that its citizens travel to Japan

Two months before the start of the Tokyo Olympics, the US Department of the Interior htfn made it clear that it had not in any way recommended US citizens to travel to Japan. We cannot stop the spread of coronavirus infection in the country, which is why Washington says the journey is too risky for everyone.

But members of the US delegation traveling to the Olympics are also listed in the word “everyone” – it is true that there is no mention of them now.

The Japan Times reports that the Washington Department of the Interior has ordered the highest alert level of 4 for travel to Japan. Meanwhile, a consideration of extending the state of emergency due to coronary artery invasion, which will continue until May 31, has also been revealed in Tokyo.

Due to the current situation in Japan, even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk due to coronary artery disease, and therefore all trips to Japan should be avoided ” – This is found in correspondence made in the United States. This heightened alert level could drastically influence the US Olympic Committee’s decision to release the athlete to Tokyo. Failure to do so could result in a brick falling off the wall that could hold the entire Olympic system. For now, this has not been stopped by the American Olympic Committee, which has released a report on the level. In this you will be almost sure that the Japanese will be able to protect our American sports from coronary artery infection.

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The issue was also reported in Tokyo after publication. Some Japanese government officials are now trying to dictate the American case by taking similar measures against other countries that Japan has introduced, such as India. They also indicated that the US announcement would not have an impact on American athletes in the Olympics at all. But let’s not be entirely sure about that. Mr not just because the American sports federations have slipped out of training in Japan before the Olympics.


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