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Archiveable apps can solve capacity issue on Android devices

Google is trying a new way to help Android users who don’t have enough storage space.

Although storage space less than 64GB is rarely available on a mid-range Android smartphone, some may have some or a large amount of storage space installed on the device that is out of space.

This is where you can make raisins by hand – Apple and some Android manufacturers offer an automated solution that automatically deletes rarely used apps to free up space – but there may be a new solution coming to Android this year that deletes unused apps from the phone you’re using Don’t actually delete them .

The new app archive feature, as its name suggests, archives the app instead, allowing for an extension according to google Saves up to 60% of space, and allows you to restore an archived app to your device as if nothing happened, which means automatically restoring all user data to its place. Bonus: No network connection required for redemption.

Of course, this will require developer support, as Google will create a new type of APK for the archiving feature, which will take time for developers, who will not be required to use this format, which means that most applications either are available.

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