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Arcane – Season 2 – Live Avatar Trailer

Arcane – Season 2 – Live Avatar Trailer

The streaming giant has put out quite a few trailers for its upcoming projects, and there are quite a few big titles on offer.

Due to the Hollywood writers and actors’ strike, we ended Comic-Con on a fairly quiet note, but thankfully Netflix came to the rescue with its lineup for the next few months. During their presentation yesterday, they talked about their first projects in the coming months, and here are some titles we’ve been waiting for for years. All of you, wait while you can: next year we’ll be getting a live-action Avatar – The Last Airbender series and a new Arcane season.

Avatar – The Last Airbender – February 22, 2024

Avatar was the first to show itself, and although we’ve already seen images of the series, the world looks better in motion than we thought. Highly recommended, turn up the volume, the trailer will shock you:

Orion and the Darkness – February 2, 2024

Next up is Orion and the Dark, a new project from DreamWorks Animation heading straight to Netflix. The film’s main character is Orion (Jacob Tremblay), who is extremely afraid of the dark until it is revealed that the darkness is a sentient being and is specifically harmed by Orion’s fear.

Leo – November 21, 2023

Liu has expanded his list of cute animated films, which revolve around a lizard that lives in a school. After a long time, the little animal tries to walk, but in the process it turns out that he has learned to talk, which makes him even more liked at school. gravity.

Ultraman: Rise – 2024

Ultraman fans can get ready because the new Ultraman, Ken Sato, is about to spring into action. The life of a basketball star turned superhero becomes extremely complicated when a giant dragon cub sees that Sato is his father. Japan’s greatest hero finds his life increasingly tangled as he tries to keep both sides together.

My Daemon – November 23, 2023

Also coming to Netflix is ​​a brand new anime series titled My Daemon, which is set to captivate viewers with its stunning art style and intriguing story. The story takes place in the future, about a man named Kento who meets a demon named Anna. The monster then tries to help Kento so that together they can save the man’s mother.

Squid Game: Challenge – November 22, 2023

We got another trailer for the Korean series Squid Game. This time, we take the crew behind the scenes, where we can see how they prepare for the different games with the help of the original creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk.

The Umbrella Academy Season 4 – 2024

Next year, among many other events, we will also receive the fourth and final chapter of The Umbrella Academy. The guys got together for a little tasting, but in light of the spoilers, they talked rather narrowly about the adventure that lies ahead. Of course, we still have a lot to look forward to.

Mysterious Season 2 – November 2024

Naturally, Netflix saved the big news until the end, which every gamer has been waiting for. Arcane finally returns in 2024 with the second chapter of the story. The teaser didn’t say much, but it was revealed that Part 2 will arrive in November.

Which one are you looking forward to the most? I mean outside corners.

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