Aranylemezen a Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Aranylemezen a Mass Effect Legendary Edition


BioWare has been completed with a refresh of the trilogy.

4/13/2021 13:22 | Jerig | Category: Game

2017 Overall Impact: Andromeda, to put it mildly, couldn’t even live up to the original trilogy, even though it wasn’t all but the milk at the bottom. The Bio-ware They had a really bad era anyway in recent years, but now they might be able to escape some former magic. Therefore, they prepare the original trilogy that includes The legendary Mass Effect EditionR.

The new version is more dedicated to the new console generation, not a complete remake, but a more restrictive redesign. That is, we are getting 4K resolution, and it is expected that we will have sharper textures and more detailed models, but not much visual improvement is expected. But since the moods and gameplay were perfectly fine anyway, that might also be enough for a slight nostalgia, perhaps to attract young, new players.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition development is now complete, and the package is officially gold. It also means that the premiere, scheduled for May 14, now looks pretty sure. The set will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X. ■

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The legendary version of Mass Effect

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Peace 2021.04.13. 15:24
May 17-21. Guaranteed freedom. : Dr


david139 2021.04.13. 15:42
However, I wouldn’t describe their old game rework as smuggling an old glamor, actually: D Andromeda, even if it was as it was, was at least a new product, and it wasn’t repackaged.

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Jerig 2021.04.13. 15:54
Well, that’s why OLD is to shine. How bright he will be … will be revealed when he appears. : Dr

Topic 17
Topic 17 2021.04.13. 18:13
Baxi. : D I only spent two days, we were told to write a third of the holidays for the semester … well let me tell you then …

Did you know that Monday is Pentecost? : D I just noticed when I posted in the system that it was also turning gray after the weekend. So that week, with five days off, you get ten days off in one go, which is a pretty good deal.


Peace 2021.04.13. 18:55
Yup, I spotted that on Monday, too. I wasn’t on vacation this year anyway. 😛

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