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Approximately one and a half million people identify themselves as Hungarian in the United States

Approximately one and a half million people identify themselves as Hungarian in the United States

According to the latest US Census data, more than 1.4 million residents of the country identify themselves as Hungarian or of Hungarian descent, said the head of the American Hungarian Alliance in an interview with public media on the occasion of National Unity Day.

Andrea Lower Reyes, president of the largest Hungarian American umbrella organization, said so

Hungarians in the United States are organized in over a hundred organizations, 78 churches, 33 Hungarian schools, 25 Scout groups, 12 Hungarian homes, museums and libraries.

He added that almost every federal state has a Hungarian community.

He described the Diaspora Council as one of the most effective organizations in national politics affecting the diaspora.

who has been serving as the president of the United States since November 2019. As he puts it, the council acts as a kind of global Hungarian network, whose members learn a lot from each other and help each other.

Andrea Lower Rice

The Csoma Sándor Körösi Program has been described as a serious opportunity among the Hungarian Government Scholarships for the Diaspora,

Those who receive their scholarships bring fresh ideas, momentum and energy to the life of the community.

He believed that the coronavirus pandemic had made the Hungarian community in America stronger, in part because they were able to reach and engage more people through events held online, which boosted community spirit.

Looking ahead, Andrea Lower Reyes explained that Hungarians in America face two major challenges. One is the participation of the younger generation in the life of the diaspora, where the two most important organizations are the Association of Foreign Hungarian Scouts and the Network of Hungarian Weekend Schools. He noted that the second challenge is that those who do not speak Hungarian can be included as much as possible in the life of Hungarian societies. He noted that about one million out of the 1.4 million Americans who consider themselves Hungarian or of Hungarian descent do not speak this language. They are usually people who have lived in the United States since the second, third, or fourth generation. At the same time, they are also aware of their roots, so it is important that they can pass on their Hungarian heritage to them through diaspora organizations, said the president of the American Hungarian Alliance in an interview with public media.

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