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Apples with Calabash – Attila Balai Press

The end of the battle for the stars and players is coming


Waking up by 2022, I opened my plane cautiously, fearing that dirt that had built up over years or decades, from an athletic family or coach-student relationship might leak out, but now that it’s underdeveloped, I wish you a happy, cheerful, healthy, unrestrained sporting event. New year everyone! However, at the moment it is too early to want to delve into detailed opportunities rather than reality.

Let’s stay put, the sports world, which is preparing to bring its latest losses and delays this year, is moving at a crazy pace. There will be the Winter Olympics (in Beijing in February, the first city to host the Winter Games after the summer), the World Cup (in November and December, for the first time in an Arab country in Qatar), the World Cup (in May), Fukuoka, Japan) and a championship World Athletics (Eugene, USA, in July). Four of the top five “worldwide” sporting events in the same year! (In parentheses, but not at all coincidental: three in Asia, one in America, none in Europe.) The racing calendar is unprecedented because the World Cup and the World Championships in Athletics have been pushed back from 2021 to 2022, as they were out of date. The original.The Tokyo Olympics postponed from 2020 to 2021. If they were to fall victim again this year to the manhunt that humanity wrought before and after the pandemic, there would be nowhere to pay them. Therefore, next year can be made more bearable by learning to live in the moment. For example, “Eighteen Days” is like the European Men’s Handball Championship, which begins on January 13 in Hungary and Slovakia. which we hope will reap a periodic victory over Covid, at least for us; According to the current situation, matches will be held in Budapest in front of an unprecedented crowd of twenty thousand spectators in Hungary, while according to the current Slovak epidemiological regulations, 200 (I have not forgotten two zeros, really two hundred) can be in the stands at the same time.

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So, the first month of the year is spent under the influence of handball, and the sports press for the next weeks under the title of European Championships. On the other hand, I’ll stop below for the first holiday 2022 of our sporting lives, January 6. Then, on Thursday evening, we salute the best Hungarian athletes of 2021 at the National Theatre. Specifically those who were judged by sports journalists as worthy of this proud title. The subtle distinction is not unreasonable. Perhaps it was easy for Romanian, Slovakian, Ukrainian or even Indian colleagues to pick the best of last year, as each of the four nations – and many others – won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics; So who did they vote for? On the other hand, we have won six titles, five of them men, in singles events. The two – as it turned out, two kayaks, Balint Kopasz and Sandor Totka – have no place on the podium. Not in Tokyo, but in Budapest, at the Sports Concert of the Year.

In the not too distant past, this, that is, the power of Hungarian sport, the confusion of abundance, became the source of many tensions, harassment and insults. In addition, as someone aptly noted, we are not trying to compare apples with pears, but rather pumpkins. I admit, I always vote with a sad heart, trying to leave it to the last minute, so I did it again. Of course, I did not become wiser, because there are dilemmas that we can think about for a minute or half a life, and in the end decide with the same grounds and no basis.

Like, say, 1992, when we had the last five individual Olympic champions in Barcelona before Tokyo. Athletes of the Year were led by Tamas Darnay, Peter Farkas, Pence Szabo, Antal Kovacs and Attila Rybka at the “Score of Record”. Naturally, this aroused more suspicion. For example, this is, well, Darnyi won twice, with a combination of 200 and 400, but how can Wolf double? If you start a free run? On the other hand why since you ran Rebecca? Because she is in this original way that she even gnawed at the gold medal in front of the eyes of the world? In 2012, we celebrated four men’s champions in London, creating an even more delicate stance at the awards ceremonies. After all, only one of them was left, Daniel Giorta, Christian Berke and Zron Zelaghi Pars Christian. It was bad to reconcile, he almost threw it away … well, not the hammer. He did it right.

The situation is difficult again and again this year. While I don’t think kayak builders will start to resent it out loud, it shines in every vibration on the ground that they are very “good guys”, and they know for sure that this outcome is not against them. But who will win? Áron Szilágyi, who gilded our ancient sword for the third time in a row after London and Rio de Janeiro, and no one succeeded before the trio? Or Christoph Melak? Whoever won the Olympics for the first time, but was not yet twenty-two years old, and triumphed in swimming by a hundred-year mark. Or the wrestler Tamás Lőrincz who reached the pinnacle of his own career and the world in the last match of his career at the age of 35? And with the ladies? This is a dubious battle between Tamara Ceppes and Danuta Cusack. Together they became champions in four, first to last in singles, while Kozak became the most successful Hungarian athlete ever in terms of Olympic medals in Tokyo. Only here the target image can decide, but it is not used in this genre. Team competition poses a different kind of puzzle. Both of our jersey teams closed off as bronze medals, but how important is it to the girls getting their first Olympic medal after three fourth places, while the boys finding their way to the podium after nine golds and then losing to London? We can’t forget the third candidate, footballers too. But what do they care? The fact that both the French and the Germans encouraged the lottery during the summer in the European Championship? Or did the Albanians beat us back and forth in the fall? In science and art, it is indisputable that height alone determines, not depth, the collective memory that preserves the discoveries and works of art that make the ages. However, the brains of the cheerleader, the athlete, are different. (Let’s do so with the slightest flick that an annual evaluator–not from an active forum, but from a fellow professional–has described the European Championship draw, or two points, as a failure.)

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So the question marks are rising. Athlete of the Year, this precious nickname can stand out as the apple of Eris, the source of intrigue. However, I think recently that the party and its participants have gone beyond their previous limits. Partly self-serving and containing many spontaneous elements, Al-Haqni has grown into a noble social event, giving each other a date dressed in festive spirit at the National Theatre. To date, it is recorded in both winners and non-winners that they celebrated together, and sports journalists organize the ceremony for them, as a sign of their respect and love for them. This is hard to bump into.

The ranking and light of the event was boosted by the Lifetime Achievement Award, established in 2015. Sorry, I didn’t really understand why Béla Károlyi was chosen, but since then, nominations have come in for Győz Kulcsár, András Balczó, Gergely Jónyer, Klampár, Gábely Table Tennis and Tamás Wichmann and gnes Keleti From the middle of my heart. Tears of Kalman Mizoli, winner of the MLSZ Life Prize, fell on him there; Lo and behold, this special festive occasion “made water” even from the blonde rock.

So I can’t wait for the time to stop again on Thursday night. Also, start over at a crazy pace in two hours and finally start the European Men’s Handball Championship!

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