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Apple’s iPhones have been vulnerable to hacking, so you shouldn’t delay the update

Apple’s iPhones have been vulnerable to hacking, so you shouldn’t delay the update

A newly discovered bug has led to spyware infections in Apple iPhones, without victims having to do anything.

For those who may have wondered whether it’s worth installing the latest, but small, update to iOS on their iPhones, the answer is that it’s worth installing it right away. Experts at Citizen Lab have discovered that some Apple iPhones have been infected with spyware due to a new bug. This can also be linked to the Israeli National Bureau of Statistics.

Citizen Lab was investigating the iPhone of an NGO worker in Washington when… Found it To a vulnerability through which the NSO Pegasus spyware can be further distributed.

According to Citizen Lab, they only discovered this because one of the attackers made a mistake when installing the spyware, so they were able to pinch the malware in the neck. Citizen Lab says Apple has assured them that this attack is blocked during Lockdown Mode.

According to experts, civil society was once again the party that provided early warning of such a sophisticated attack. No information was revealed about the people or companies involved.

All we know is that under iOS 16.6, the victim didn’t have to do anything (click on an infected link, etc.), they were able to infect his mobile phone without his intervention. In the latest update, Apple closed the vulnerability. This was released following an investigation into a Citizen Lab report. The latter urges everyone to update quickly.

The United States blacklisted NSO in 2021 due to violations.

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