Apple will improve AirPods Pros for free

Apple will improve AirPods Pros for free

Quietly extended service for crackling and noise filtering problems to three years.

Last October, Apple announced another free repair option after some premium AirPods Pro wireless headphones broke down. The affected models rolled off the assembly lines before October 2020, in fact a small percentage of them may experience problems.

Apple AirPods ProSource: Apple

service program info page “One or more of the following symptoms may occur with affected AirPods Pro: a crackling or buzzing sound being amplified in a noisy environment, during training, or during a phone call, and active noise cancellation not working properly, such as with increased bass or background noise, such as Street or plane noise.

According to information from a year ago, Apple offered free service two years after the first sale of the headphones in question in a store, but now it has quietly extended the defect warranty to three years. As a result, the free repair option will remain available for another year for customers who were among the first to purchase AirPods Pro at the time, but haven’t reported bugs yet.

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