Az Apple órái töltési hibákat produkálnak a legújabb szoftverfrissítés óta kép

Apple watches have been causing charging errors since the last software update

Non-factory chargers are affected by the error in Apple WatchOS 8.3.

Come here An apple The latest version of WatchOS, the operating system that runs on his smartphones, was designed to fix errors detected in the program, which unfortunately led to the appearance of a new and very annoying bug. Those who want to use cables or racks from other companies in addition to or instead of official Apple accessories have a problem because many don’t spend hours with them.

The bug has not been officially confirmed yet, but several users wrote on various social media that the Apple Watch has not been charging or has been charged to a minimum since WatchOS 8.3 was installed when using a third-party charger.

One last reddit During the year, for example, several customers reported that they also had a problem, which is why they don’t charge their batteries at all, in some cases charging a total of 2% of their watch battery. There was also a commentator who also installed a beta version of 8.4 on a beta basis, but this did not solve the loading issue.

because it is Apple Watch Apple owners have not been notified that a software update has discontinued support for external chargers;

It’s also important to note that not all non-Apple chargers have a problem, with many labels stating that it’s precisely the low-cost models purchased on the Amazon marketplace that haven’t worked properly since the upgrade. Until the issue is resolved, there seems to be no better suggestion than who can do this, use the original Apple charger if another model is affected by the charging failure.

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