Apple sues spyware maker Pegasus

Apple sues spyware maker Pegasus

Apple sues Israel’s NSO Group over Pegasus spyware, holding it accountable for user monitoring in her contacts. I also want a court order to ban NSOs from using Apple software and hardware.

The Pegasus scandal erupted in July, when the first articles on an international investigative project involving 17 newspapers were published. Direkt36 from Hungary participated in the work, and Telex also published the completed material. The most important information in this article is summarized, and all our material on this topic can be found here.

In the lawsuit, Apple is also asking for new details about how NSO delivered Pegasus to users’ devices, including a flaw called FORCEDENTRY, which we wrote about when we identified it. The bottom line is that spyware can take advantage of the flaw to install itself on a target device without the target having to do anything to click a suspicious link or open an infected email attachment, the intrusion is automatic. It was first discovered by researchers at Citizen Lab in Canada, and Apple fixed it in mid-September before it was released.

According to Apple, although spyware is constantly evolving, there is no indication yet that their mobile operating system, iOS 15 or later, has been hacked, so everyone is encouraged to update their devices if they haven’t already.

The company also said that it will donate $10 million (HUF 3.3 billion) to security researchers working to identify and detect cyber threats like Pegasus.

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